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Cheap Fair Massage is a service-conscious company that delivers quality services at the right price. In order to ensure continued existence and development for our profession, it is our idea to always provide a good service to you every time.

Every masseur is different. Our therapeutic approach, our experiences, and how we are as individuals are different. You need to choose a masseur that you trust.

For you to trust me is the prerequisite for a successful course. It is important to me that you get some tools and tools from a course with me. So you can help yourself and cope better in the future because you are dressed up and more resistant to challenges. The vision is to create a massage clinic with high professionalism, respect for the clients and a good working environment. Therefore, everyone meets with respect, warmth, confidentiality and professionalism.

Read more about muscle treatment and what I offer

Advice on muscle damage is many and different, I work holistically and thoughtfully, based on several situations. That is, I would like to know how the injury occurred, what kind of tenderness it is and whether it has been a long-standing problem. I can think of doing some muscle tests! I work with several options in the form of a combination of massage, and I work with trigger points if I find it necessary, and in some cases optapening. I have a lot of experience with many kinds of injuries, but if in doubt, which I usually am not! the client is forwarded to his own doctor, who can refer to a possible scan / x-ray examination.

Objective is very quick refund and back to work and sports pursuits or any other form of employment, I give 10 percent discount to early retirees and people who receive Su. Wellness treatments are also part of my concept in addition to aromatherapy, facial treatments, possibly in combination with hotstone that makes the body completely relaxed.