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Cheap Fair Massage is a service-conscious company that delivers quality services at the right price. In order to ensure continued existence and development for our profession, it is our idea to always provide a good service to you every time.

Every masseur is different. Our therapeutic approach, our experiences, and how we are as individuals are different. You need to choose a masseur that you trust.

For you to trust me is the prerequisite for a successful course. It is important to me that you get some tools and tools from a course with me. So you can help yourself and cope better in the future because you are dressed up and more resistant to challenges. The vision is to create a massage clinic with high professionalism, respect for the clients and a good working environment. Therefore, everyone meets with respect, warmth, confidentiality and professionalism.

My values

A helping hand

  • Help clients and businesses improve health and well-being

  • For me, the balance of everyday life really matters a lot

  • Massage is relaxing and always initiates the healthy physiological and mental processes in the body.

  • I am a trained medical examiner elite athlete and have worked with hotstone and facial massage at Comwell.

  • I have a diploma in head and facial massage, and am affiliated with some sports associations as a masseur. I have taken reflexology course.

  • I have done a lot of sports myself and therefore have experience with these injuries. Choose Physical surgery, it is sports massage that is performed individually, depending on the client’s needs.

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  • Available in over 150 countries

  • The world’s largest breeder of Aloe Vera

  • Quality and safety are top priority

  • Facial Treatments

    I have 5 facials.

    Some are with very expensive recognized German products developed over 60 years.
    The skin is cleansed of dead stem cells and supplied with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, so the skin becomes 10 years younger to look at and the healthy stem cells are preserved and improved.
    Wrinkles disappear and you get well, a nice feeling of well-being and will look amazing!

    Other facial treatments are similarly just organic products, for example from the well-known aloe plant, which has also been used for a long time in Denmark. And in the products I use, the main ingredient is pure aloevera. In addition, I sell Body treatments, for example.


    Excellent skin treatment where the face is peeled and deep cleansed and the dead skin cells are removed, then a quality mask of products such as aloevera, honey, cucumber and rosemary is applied and massaged, the skin becomes smooth and supple, the treatment is good and excellent protection in autumn and the winter months. A neck / shoulder massage or foot massage is given while the mask is sitting. Delicious long-term serum and day cream can be purchased at the clinic.

    599,00 kr.

    Exclusive facial treatment

    Here, the face is peeled off with a peel-free parabens oil, added with oil of oil, and vitamin c, after which a combination face mask consisting of egg whites, allantoin, chamomile and cornstarch is applied. The skin is softened and absorbed. Finally, a day cream consisting of vitamins E and C and hyaluronic acid is added. During the mask treatment a small foot massage is included.

    499,00 kr.

    Super luxury facial

    This treatment includes amazing skincare products, widely used in 196 countries and that cleanse and restore your skin to the best I’ve learned. The treatment keeps your skin balanced in everyday life and helps to give you greater self-esteem in everyday life. It is good for most skin types, but especially rough and dry skin types have a lot! great benefit of it. The treatment consists of removing any makeup and an exfoliation is performed where a certified organic skin product is applied (complies with the paraben laws) filled with scents of blue lemon and lemon. Then a deep-cleansing mask of blue seaweed, algae and honey is added, for 15 minutes, in the waiting time while the mask is put on, offered a cup of coffee, as well as a light shoulder massage. The mask is cleansed and then applied serum into the skin, which includes ingredients such as aloe vera, job oil, the expensive white tee and plant extracts.

    NB there is the possibility of purchasing fantastic delicious serum product, as well as day cream.

    599,00 kr.

    Facial treatment with organic product

    This is a facial treatment where the skin will look much younger, you will be peeled with AHA vitamins and minerals and completely free of parabens, the mask is applied with blah moisturizing cream which contains ingredients of bla advocado and hibercus.
    After about 15 minutes, the mask is cleansed and a cream filled with antioxidants will protect the skin.
    The treatment also includes the excellent aloe vera which is a recognized skin care product for thousands of years! While wearing the mask can include lighter foot massage or neck / shoulder massage. It is a facial that I have been giving for a long time and which many have greatly appreciated. Especially people who have delicate skin may benefit from the treatment.

    599,00 kr.

    Facial treatment with recognized German product

    The face is deep cleansed / applied for makeup and dead stem cells, with a dermotologically tested product, then a mask is applied to update and protect the good stem cells, with an excellent drug-recognized agent that has been tested for many decades, so you will appear with much less wrinkles and your joy of life, you will not be able to hide afterwards. The treatment is especially good for smooth and supple skin. However, I do have another mask and if you want the one that covers dry or oily skin, you can of course choose this product instead! I gladly help with advice on arrival in the clinic!

    In the treatment itself, moisture is intensely applied through panthenol, and the important vitamin E, which protects against free radicals, a fantastic combination that also minimizes the sun’s UV rays! Oxygen treatment is applied and a rosy skin should be counted immediately after treatment, as oxygenation is noticeable immediately. During the treatment itself, there is the possibility of shoulders / neck massage, and or any foot massage really good pleasure.

    599,00 kr.

  • Aromatherapy / coconut oil

    Essential oils that add extra touch to the skin. And other oils with different scents can also be selected, if you have any doubts about the properties of the Asterisk oils then click on the blue facebook icon at the bottom of the page and reviews and oil properties will appear on the Facebook page Fair Massage.

    Aromatherapy with essential oils

    Different floral scents can be freely chosen. They each have their own characteristics. Take a look at Fair Massage on facebook for descriptions of oils and scents.

    449,00 kr.

    Aromatherapy / Coconut / Chocolate Massage / Body Treatments

    Here you can choose between Body treatments with various exclusive scents of eg Strawberry / RaspBerry / Mango / Coconot / Advocado / Vanilia
    A super treatment, however, is not promised physiotherapy massage, but a super stressful and beautiful experience

    599,00 kr

    Aromatherapy / Chocolate / Coconut oil / Body Treatment

    Here is the treatment offered by a trained physiotherapist who is a member of the branch of the Physiotherapy Massage Association and is trained in kinaseotapening!
    Because of the different education, the price is high for the massage.
    But so is the quality.
    Here you can offer treatments for all types of muscle pain, while freely choosing scents.

    699,00 kr

    Chocolate Massage

    Chocolate massage is a pleasant form where the skin becomes moisturized and softened. At the same time, being stimulated to relax and the fact that the Chocolate simultaneously releases large amounts of endorphins, it is associated with a feeling of happiness.

    599,00 kr.

    Delicious coconut oil massage

    Organic coconut oil massage, which is healthy for the skin.

    599,00 kr.

  • Bodypack massage

    Body pack massage is where the skin is cleansed / peeled and body scrubbed with organic products consisting of avocado as well as aloe vera and vitamins, as well as minerals.

    Finally, treat and massage with delicious apricot cream filled with antioxidants, so that the skin is regenerated and appears healthy and soft.

    Bodypack massage

    The body is peeled and scrubbed with excellent organic skin-free parabens and full of antioxidants. Look forward to a final cream.

    599,00 kr.

  • Cupping

    • Cupping can be integrated and used with massage and acupuncture
    • The cups are sucked onto the skin by means of negative pressure, they are placed on muscle joints and facies (muscle membranes)
    • Cupping is good against Circuit Challenges, Headaches, Edema
      relaxes tendons and muscles, promotes sports performance, dilates blood vessels and rapid supply of nutrients
    • Cupping can kill harmful bacteria and strengthen the immune system
    • Cupping is part of the nursing education in Eastern Europe and is also used in some places in Turkey and India as well as the Middle East (cupping gives red marks, usually only 4-7 days)

    60 minutes incl. Cupping / massage

    499,00 kr.

  • Gua-sha

    Gua-sha is scratchy and causes reddish skin color, (disappears within a few days)

    • I follow the body’s meridian paths and acupuncture points. It is a folk medicine in China, and a slightly milder form of treatment (also used in the USA)
    • Often used in case of outbreaks of malaise (flu / colds)
    • Removes stresses and waste products
    • Good for reduced immune system
    • Relieves shoulder and back pain
    • Can help relieve joint problems as well as mouse injuries and Tennis Elbows

    60 minutes – incl. oil treatment / scraping

    499,00 kr.

  • Physical surgical massage

    Physical surgical massage is an in-depth and recognized massage form that includes, among other things, heating massage, cross massage.
    In addition to the massage, it deals with various pressure on the client depending on the problem and the extent of the injury.

    In Cityfys, which has had 150 of the country’s largest companies since 1998, and for which I have worked for almost 1.5 years, it has been found that 80 percent of all treatment is preventative massage and it prevents various diseases including gns 20 percentage.
    Our organism depends on many areas such as. includes the nervous system, digestion, stress and our senses.
    During physiotherapy massage, increased blood flow and waste are removed.

    All people can greatly benefit from the form of massage, both mentally and physically, and are the most recognized form of massage when it comes to relieving pain and quick return to stability, renewed muscle strength and mobilization.
    I have a course in Reflexology if it turns out to be necessary. In addition, I have been examined in Alternative Treatments and know what laws and regulations are within the Food and Drug Act, regarding supplements and herbal remedies. Incl Interactions.

    Regarding the relief of muscle damage and joint pain.
    Including massages, ice cream treatments and heat treatments.
    Damage treatments eg.
    • Tension headache
    • Neck pain
    • shoulder pain
    • elbow pain
    • abdominal pains
    • wrist
    • fingers
    • knees
    • ankle
    • tibia
    • Achilles tendon inflammation
    • groin problems
    • heel spurs
    • tennis elbows
    • golf elbows
    • Back problems such as disc prolapse and sciatica
    • All forms of osteoarthritis / scar tissue / adhesions can also be broken down


    When clients come to my clinic we talk about the problem and if there is no effect for the better there are of course other options.

    However, different time horizons must be envisaged to remedy the damage depending on the extent of the injury. (I can offer vibration massage via Tens or magnetic fields, but hardly use it; kinese otapening is also offered, but I don’t normally recommend it either, I only have these treatment methods in Nyborg)
    Depending on whether it’s overload damage or just preventative massage; is massage and counseling around training! in combination with various muscle groups my best beliefs.

    Price from 199kr per half hour, which is given a DISCOUNT ON ANY PURCHASE of clip cards. Cash or via mobile pay, or possibly deposited via bank transfer, the price is 900kr for 5 times of 30 minutes or 2250 for 10 times 40 minutes. An extra DKK 45 is paid for forgotten towels and sheets, and cancellations must be announced at least 24 hours before, otherwise the treatment will be invoiced.


    Physical massage 30 minutes

    Here, any muscle pain is resolved, working with muscle pain and various pressures, followed up with good advice and further treatment if necessary.
    In many cases, 30 minutes is often enough to focus, for example, neck / shoulder / lower back. It is a good idea to go for a massage about 14 days to three weeks in between if you want to counter and prevent various problems.

    199,00 kr.

    Physical surgical massage, 45 min

    This is a slightly extended version of muscle pain and can be achieved a little more, sometimes you have both neck and shoulder pain and possibly headache, maybe it pain in one arm, but the problems can also be soreness in eg hips and put, then it is a good idea to choose this treatment. The rehabilitation plan is always followed up.

    300,00 kr. in your own home, incl table setup

    Physical surgical massage, 1 hour

    In this treatment the whole body can have a nice time massage, where any problems are taken at the same time, You get both long massage strokes, cross massage, efflurage, possibly trigger point treatment, and scalp massage can be included if it is announced on arrival, and I know there should be set aside time for it in the treatment, it is a good idea if you are struggling with, for example, headache problems. You should always remember to drink after a massage as the waste substances must leave the body.

    350,00 kr. Within Nyborg and Odense
    449,00 kr. Outside Nyborg and Odense

    Physical surgical massage via check in your own home / SMS regarding booking!

    The price includes driving and installation. ie a total of 45-50 minutes of massage. As a client, you are given the opportunity to massage, including that the treatment involves resolving and remedial problems, shoulder, neck, arm, back, loins, legs and guidance in improving your quality of life. If any other treatment is to be included, it must be arranged in advance upon arrival, prior to treatment. Discount can be given per hour if several clients join at the same address!

    It could be, for example, mothers groups, places for the mentally weak / young. It requires a space of three times 4 m, where I put up a chip and clients are treated in turn, max six hours massage same address good day. Bookings are always booked by SMS! Businesses can make individual business deals, and can take the deduction, you can too; What many do allow employees to self-pay by half the total amount deductible.

    399,00 kr.

  • Body acupuncture

    Here I treat based on a conversation with the client and ask the client to answer his own health condition, sometimes I will send a form with questions before the treatment.

    I work with Meridian paths and theoretical approach angles, usually I do not want to put more than a maximum of 16 needles, I have different lengths and thicknesses, it usually does not hurt very much, however, can be experienced, trembling and the like in the muscles.

    60 minutes

    450.00 kr.

  • Hotstone massage

    The first of the Welness massage / hotstone massage is a delight for the body. It’s stressful and comfortable.
    With me, this form of hot stone massage is performed especially by the neck and the loin. The rest of the body is performed according to the guest’s needs. The Hotstone Massage At 80 minutes (the third) is of course the best and most expensive, but the other two, which are at 60 minutes and for the price and the first at 45 minutes are also really effective and seem very relaxing against muscle pain.

    It takes place in quiet surroundings with music and candles

    The first hot stone massage is performed where the oil is massaged into the body and where I let warm Indian lava slides across my back, and around my shoulders and neck. It is stressful and very comfortable for sore muscles.

    The second hot stone massage is also performed with a relaxation massage and in 60 minutes here the oil is distributed in 10-15 minutes, after which the treatment with the hot stones amounts to about 50 minutes.

    The stones are distributed all over the body, the client will experience getting the stones placed between fingers and toes, and will be wrapped on the stomach and back, massaged on the balls and legs, neck and shoulders. It is a rather demanding task of the masseur who concentrates 100 percent on total well-being for the client, and as a client, you will need to be able to free yourself of the clothing, as otherwise the treatment will not be optimal (you have to keep the lower part on whose upper body part? bra up, of course, the client is covered with delicious towels, some of these treatments here can be agreed with different kinds of oils.

    The third hotstone massage is fantastic and includes a very luxurious facial and scalp massage, with cleansing and exfoliation, and optimization of the stem cells on the face. It is a very recognized very expensive skin care product that has been developed over many years that is used for the facial treatment itself.

    Always remember to bring 2 towels.

    Hotstone massage 1

    45 minutes, a hot stone massage where the oil is massaged into the body and I let warm Indian lava slides across my back and around my shoulders and neck. It is stressful and very comfortable for sore muscles, feel the wellness flow through you while the meditation music plays in the background always bring 2 pieces of towels.

    425,00 kr.

    Hotstone massage 2

    The treatment is 60 minutes, you get a resolution of your muscles and at the same time a very comfortable in-depth hotstone massage, where the hot lava stones penetrate deep into the body and you will feel energy and well-being throughout the body. Give yourself or your boyfriend a great experience ! Totally stressful.

    600,00 kr.

    Hotstone massage 3

    80 minutes and includes a very luxurious facial and scalp massage, with cleansing and exfoliation and optimization of the stem cells on the face. It is a very recognized very expensive skincare product that has been developed over many years and is used for the facial treatment. Furthermore, you get black sanded Indian lava all over the body and you will feel a relaxing and flowing heat, while the music plays in the background. , send you to dreamland, it is totally stressful and in this exclusive course of treatment, you also get loosened various muscle tensions, the best treatment I have Give the luxury treatment, as a gift or treat yourself in life’s harder times.

    1.250,00 kr.

  • Couples massage

    Here two people get massage and possibly hotstone at the same time by a therapist who switches between the two people. It provides a super joint experience and is an advantage of hotstone massage where the stones will lie further on your back.

    Couples massage / friends / girlfriend massage

    Here you can have a joint experience together for 50 minutes in total. There are two pieces and two massagers. There is the possibility of hotstone, where the stones are longer than normal compared to single client treatment, but then the time is 70 minutes and the price is 200 DKK higher per person, the treatment with two massagers is only in Nyborg on Saturday! And it must be booked 14 days before! And by appointment via SMS. Since extra masseur must have the opportunity to organize! Sin Time! I can also take a couple massage alone if the hotstone is included, as you then get double time with the hot stones, but this also needs to be agreed by mail or SMS, in this edition with a masseur a little discount can be given! (By appointment).

    1.399,00 kr.

  • Ear acupuncture

    Good against:

    • Muscles / joint pain
    • Imbalances in the body
    • Emotional challenges
    • Stress / burnout
    • Depression
    • Detoxification in the form of smoking cessation or sugar detoxification

    60 minutes

    450.00 kr.