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Cheap Fair Massage is a service-conscious company that delivers quality services at the right price. In order to ensure continued existence and development for our profession, it is our idea to always provide a good service to you every time.

Every masseur is different. Our therapeutic approach, our experiences, and how we are as individuals are different. You need to choose a masseur that you trust.

For you to trust me is the prerequisite for a successful course. It is important to me that you get some tools and tools from a course with me. So you can help yourself and cope better in the future because you are dressed up and more resistant to challenges. The vision is to create a massage clinic with high professionalism, respect for the clients and a good working environment. Therefore, everyone meets with respect, warmth, confidentiality and professionalism.

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About Trigger Points

This is therapy that not many people understand and asks a lot of questions. Therefore, I elaborate fully here. Many misdiagnoses in the medical sector are due to pain that can be difficult to diagnose.

But this is not necessary if you are an experienced therapist, as many reflex pain from trigger points are similar to common illnesses. These DISEASES, are not diagnosed intentionally by doctors, but doubt can sometimes cause a wrong diagnosis, the pain is actually often pain in myofascial trigger points.

It is also very important for me to point out that trigger points are similar. acupressure and acupuncture, though not completely and without needles. Furthermore, in order to increase blood flow and take tension of the muscles, partly to prevent inflammation and to remove waste, of course with regard to the client, pain thresholds are, in my experience for five years as a masseur, very individual.

(Furthermore, it is important for me to emphasize that trigger points and tender points are not the same! Fascier is a type of household film / membrane that surrounds different muscles!)

One can greatly benefit from trigger point therapy. Furthermore, it is very often wrong to do stretching if it is a trigger point problem one has. On the other hand, it really makes sense to stretch out if you have entered a tree year! It also makes sense to stretch out if you practice a lot of sports and don’t have any major problems.